Union Pacific

I played Union Pacific, with four players, for the first time yesterday. Interesting. I didn’t see too many game play similarities with Ticket to Ride. It’s usually compared to Get the Goods, which shares the dividend cards and the stock building element, although Union Pacific has a couple more layers.

Balancing track building with competing for shares was fun, although the track building element had usability problems, as the track cards are hard to distinguish. We played using my new poker chip set, assembled according to “JC Lawrences’s recommendations”:http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/1657399#1657399. Incidentally, there’s a good offer right now at “Gamble.co.uk”:http://gamble.co.uk for a carousel of 200 decent quality poker chips for £15.

I definitely want to try Union Pacific again soon. It’s very solid, but I wonder if newer stock games like Chicago Express have improved upon it?