Washington’s War

Washington's War

I played Washington’s War with John on Friday night. I played the original, We the People, a few years ago. Just about the only thing I remember about We the People was that it was a great game let down by a tediously slow battle card system. Washington’s War fixes that simply with a modified die roll. Both games have top-notch components, so this seems the perfect reprint.

We the People “started the Card Driven Wargame genre”:http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/519144/card-driven-wargame-cdw-evolution and as a genre-creator it has genuine quality. If only it had been imitated by more games that were as fast-playing and easy to understand. Twilight Struggle fits that bill and the BGG ratings speak for themselves. I would like even simpler, shorter wargames to come out of this mould, but I doubt I’ll see them. If you like Twilight Struggle or Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage you will almost certainly like Washington’s War.


1989: Dawn of Freedom

Hardcore Twilight Struggle fans will know this already, but there’s a new, free, print and play game that uses almost the same mechanics to depict the Democratic revolutions in Eastern Europe in 1989, called “1989: Dawn of Freedom”:http://www.boardgamegeeks.com/boardgame/26997.

Ted Torgerson is an interesting designer. He seems to be disinterested in professional games publishing, but just wants to do it as a hobby. I have come across a couple of his old games in the past:
* “Free At Last”:http://www.boardgamegeeks.com/boardgame/23312 – another card driven wargame, this time simulating the African-American Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s.
* “Sharks and Jets”:http://www.boardgamegeeks.com/boardgame/22083 – a “tactical combat game based on the musical West Side Story” – really.

There is a positive “review”:http://www.boardgamegeeks.com/thread/397394 at the Geek and all the materials required to play are “available”:http://social.consimworld.com/profiles/blogs/final-1989-rules-cards-and-map at Consimworld. Most importantly, it’s available for play at “Wargameroom”:http://wargameroom.com, so you can be sure it has had some tough playtesting.

I’ll have to muster the time and materials to assemble 1989 and give it a try.