Carson City

“Carson City”:

Carson City is a clever and complicated worker-placement and building game (Caylus with gunfights) which will need several plays to get used to. It lasted 2.5 hours, which felt a bit too long, but we played with five, which may be too many. I expect it would work better for two or three. The Western theme did not work for me. “Dice Town”: implements its theme better as it is more about shoot-outs and gambling than slowly building a town.

Gareth had already won this game three times, and it really showed. Jeff, with ten plays, had not seen such a high score. Gareth manoeuvred himself into the first choice position going into the final round, amassed over $100, picked the sheriff, which let him reserve the the action that allows you to buy VPs for $5. After that it was all over. Phil took to this game well too, scoring a load of points from fire-power tokens.

# Gareth – 44
# Phil – 34
# Iain – 30
# Barrie – 25
# Jeff – 24

“6 Nimmt!”:

It’s surprising after a decade of playing German games that I have never played 6 Nimmt. I only played one hand, but it was a nice fun filler – working perfectly in a club environment. Quite a lot of tactics for such a simple and light game.