The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

I played The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. It was good, but not as good as the previous two main games or even Michonne. The art was almost as good as always, but I didn’t like the new cel-shading.
The plot was fine, but it lost the punch of the first and second series. I didn’t warm to many of the characters, so the dramas (horrific deaths) were less traumatising. The central tension is between two opposite brothers, but the older brother is such a giant douche that you feel no empathy.

Telltale make great adventure games. No boring overhard puzzles, beautiful art, strong stories and touch choices, but I wish they could be creative. Look at their games. Why can’t they do anything truly original? Of all their work only Puzzle Agent is original – and not so original if you have seen Fargo. Poker Night at the Inventory is a mishmash of franchises. Complacent and unambitious but beautiful art and story telling.