Before the Wind

Before the Wind last night was good.

It is themed around captains loading their ships with goods before the wind changes.

There are three types of action cards. In order:

  1. Take goods
  2. Pay money to load goods into warehouses
  3. Loading onto ships and gain victory points OR take money

The start player chooses as many action cards as there are players.

In turn, players choose from the action cards, or bid for an action card that an opponent has already taken. The opponent can accept the bid money or pay the bid to keep the action card. Both players then take no more part in action card selection.

Around the table, players play their action cards to buy goods then load them into warehouses and then load them onto ships.

When only two ships are left, the fleet sails and all goods left in hand and some in warehouses are lost.

Play continues until a player reaches the victory point target and wins.

Unfortunately, a crucial rule was missed in the Mayfair English rules: once you pick an action card, you cannot bid on others. We discussed this for 10 minutes before we figured it out.

It is an interesting game, especially when you pick and bid on action cards. There is plenty of scope for meddling with each others plans without overt aggression or catch the leader. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. The art is lovely. My only reservations are the rulebook error above and that it may be too long. I’d like to experiment with playing to a lower victory point target.