Huge games order

At the beginning of the year, a friend put in a bulk games order. In the interests of speed, I had to order games in advance, not knowing if they were in stock. In the past I had been completely unsuccessful in getting childrens games and this time I was determined to get some, so I ordered way too many, only expecting to buy a few. _Naturally_, almost all the children’s games were in stock, so I had a £266 games order.

Comments below on the games I have played:

* Twilight Struggle: Deluxe – I have waited years to buy this and now I can’t find an opponent.
* Chicago Express – Excellent stuff. Keen to play again.
* Chicago Express: Narrow Gauge & Erie Railroad Company
* Money – See “my previous post”:
* By Golly! – Nice memory card game with chicken poo. My four year old girl (Hellie) likes it.
* Chicken Cha Cha Cha – Memory race game. The better you memorise the cards, the faster your chicken moves. Can go into stalemate, the box is too big and it’s expensive, but the components are cute.
* Circus Flohcati
* Gloria Pictoria – I thought this was a game for very young children, but it’s for 8+. I didn’t realise it is a remake of Get the Goods, an excellent game, so I’m not upset.
* Pickomino – See “my previous post”:
* Enuk the Eskimo – For 5 years and over, but this worked for Hellie. Lovely components and they get to learn about the food chain – even if it is yet another memory game.
* Click Clack – This is very popular with both Oscar and Helena. The components are lovely, but the box is massive and opens accidentally too easily. It is almost totally luck based, but the magnetic food stash discovery is irresistible.
* Barnyard Critters – Hellie likes this pattern recognition card game very much, although the speed aspect gets her a bit too overexcited before bed.
* Chateau Roquefort
* Giro Galoppo
* Piratissimo

It will be a while until we need to buy a new children’s game.


  1. A good collection of games, so I’d like to try – I still don’t have a copy of Chateau Roquefort, even though I have the Spielbox bonus tile for it and it’s been published in Finnish. Giro Galoppo is good, I’ve heard.

    Click Clack is an excellent game, but the box is awful – especially the part about opening accidentally. Enuk is also a good one, too bad Nooa isn’t terribly keen on it. I’d like to play it more. Maybe when he’s slightly older… There’s some push-your-luck aspect to it as well, making it a fairly versatile memory game, but nothing too tricky.

  2. @Mikko – I ordered a few of them based on your recommendations, so I was confident they would be good. 🙂

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