Ticket to Ride Card Game, Loco, Eco Fluxx, Dice Town, High Society

Another good night at the “Isleworth Gamers”:http://www.boardgamegeek.com/guild/728.

Tonio taught us a few simple games. He is a maths teacher and runs a chess club at his school. It sounds like they play a lot of eurogames as well. It’s great that he does this. The games club at my school was a safe haven and probably one of the main reasons games are so important to me today.

“Ticket to Ride Card Game”:http://www.geekdo.com/boardgame/34127
I can see why the memory element turns people off. I’m bad at memory games, but I do enjoy them, so it worked for me. The gameplay feels a bit clunky, so it’s not top flight, but it’s solid enough for me. 6/10

This is a stripped down version of Thor, a game I like and own, but haven’t played for a while. I think I prefer it as it’s so simple.
From Geekdo:

There are five different colored chips, with six cards, zero through five, in each of the colors. The cards are dealt out, and then players take turns playing a card and taking any available chip. When one color has all six cards played on it, then the game is over, and players use the last card played in each category to value their chips. The highest total value wins.

You can’t get much better value for £3. 8/10

“Eco Fluxx”:http://www.geekdo.com/boardgame/18333
My first taste of Fluxx. Minimalist card game where the rules change constantly. Fun in a party game type of way, but it would drive me crazy if I had to play it much. Not for me, but a great gift for kids. 3/10

“Dice Town”:http://www.geekdo.com/boardgame/40793
Do not be put off by comparisons with Yahtzee. This is good fun and pretty clever. Bruno Faidutti “describes”:http://www.faidutti.com/index.php?Module=ludotheque&id=597 Dice Town perfectly. 7/10

“High Society”:http://www.geekdo.com/boardgame/220
One of the classics. I don’t like the art of the latest Gryphon Games edition much. Uberplay did a better job. 8/10


  1. I really like the look of Dice Town – I heard it reviewed on the Spiel and have been wanting to give it a go since. Sounds like it’s a hit ?

    Though I’ve not tried EcoFluxx, Steerpike Jr is a big fan of Zombie Fluxx and I confess to deriving musch enjoyment from it, though clearly you have to be in the mood.

    I really must book in a trip to Isleworth

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