A House Divided

We had another go at the 10 round 1861 scenario and finished in 90 minutes. Again we had a great time and this time the Confederacy had it their way. It’s a fast playing and clever game. I don’t have any real desire to step up to a longer scenario yet.

We stuck with the Basic rules, but only used one optional rule – Novice Union. Next time we’ll play with the “WBC scenario”:http://cheyne.net/blog/2009/05/a-house-divided-wbc-scenario/.

It was good to play with the map fixed by the stickers that arrived quickly from Phalanx Games. It’s great that they are still supporting this game, several years after publication and even to someone who bought the game second hand.


  1. We’ve been playing different game… Well, maybe we’ll meet one day and you can show me the light =)

  2. A 10 turn game and a 40 turn game are definitely different.

    It would be great to meet one day. Any time you are in London, please look me up.

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