1. i shall would put the opposite view. CC is a whole lot of fun and entertainment. i wouldn’t touch ASL with a bargepole when there are games like CC and Conflict of Heroes out there offering similar experience but without the absurd grognardness that comes with that game.

  2. There is no doubt that ASLSK is a fine game but whether it is twenty times better is, of course, a matter of personal taste.

    I find it too fiddly – both in terms of the board/piece size and, more importantly, the game play. By the time I’ve worked out First Fire, FFMO, FFNAM, and all the other stuff, I struggle to remember if I am in AFPh APh orPFPh.
    As a simulation ASLSK is fantastic but for me the game play gets bogged down a little too much in all the detail.

    Of course this could be that I am a relative newbie to wargames – it could also be that I’ll never be a die hard grognard. Combat Commander satisfies a nice itch for me somewhere between Memoir 44 (which is way too abstracted) and ASLSK (which is way to complicated) – the gameplay is fast enough to give a sense of a developing squad level battle but with enough depth to make it a challenge.
    The cards do everything from initiating orders, reactions, events to deciding random hexes and reminding you that 1/1 is a jammed gun, 3/4 is an event and 6/6 is a time marker.

    I fully accept, however, that it may not be to everyones taste.
    Who knows it may be a stepping stone to bigger and better games which currently leave my head spinning 🙂

  3. This has to be one of the most debated topics in wargaming.

    I agree with Peter that ASLSK would probably suit me better than CC, but I’m sure that full ASL would require more obsessive complsiveness than I have to give.

    I “played the original Squad Leader in December 2007”:http://cheyne.net/blog/2007/12/squad-leader. That was almost perfect for me, although I am sure some of the game design could be updated after 22 years of development and the rules were a bit of a mess.

    I suspect Lock n Load or ATS would suit be best.

    I’d love it if a true expert on these games could do a big comparison of WW2 tactical wargames showing their strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately most of these experts have an axe to grind in favour of their favourite system, usually preferring the more complex ones.

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