Chris Brooks and Family

We met up with Chris Brooks and family on Friday morning and had breakfast in Russell Square. They are doing a lightning tour of Europe, so it was really nice of Chris to spare the time. His boys are growing up – Jacob is almost as tall as Chris.

Chris wasn’t impressed with the selection at Playing Games. It just goes to show how much bigger the hobby is in the US – as that’s the best shop I have found in the UK.

It was great to finally meet someone I have corresponded with over several years. When we next meet I hope we will have enough time to play some games.

  • Leisure Games in Finchley is far better than Playin Games. I thnk the range at Playing Games is getting worse and worse recently.

  • Thanks for the tip. I have never visited Leisure Games, as it’s a long way from Chiswick, but I’ll have to make the effort the next time I go north.

  • The selection in Playin Games has dramatically decreased in the last few weeks. Either they’re having problems with suppliers or they’re running down stock.

  • Hi Chris. We would *love* to. Your photos of Oregon look wonderful. Playing a few games would be fun too…

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