St Petersburg

I may be years behind the bleeding-edge, but I have been playing St Petersburg a lot recently online at Yucata or against the Westpark Gamer’s offline version.

I underestimated this game. It is true that the only path to victory is collecting aristocrats, but it has subtle strategic qualities that I only recognised after multiple plays.

The offline version has fiendish AI. In two-player games, I now beat it about 50% of the time, but I have played at least ten games. Definitely try it out.


  1. St. Petersburg is great, but for me it’s definitely B-rank game: I’ve lost most interest to actually play it. Won’t suggest it myself, but will play if someone asks.

  2. Well, actually, that makes it certainly non-great. Still, it’s good even if the aristocrats are important and the feedback loop is really vicious.

  3. I remember your original St Petersburg reports quite clearly. I would say it’s a B+ at the moment – especially two-player.

  4. My hope is that the expansion will hammer out the worst of the imbalances. Since Saint Petersburg is a big favourite of my game group, even with its current flaws, and move toward it being a better game would be welcome.

    I could definitely live without the five-player option, though…

  5. It’s horrible when your group love a game and you don’t. ;o) At least St Petersburg is better than Ivanhoe… I had to ban it in the end.

  6. Well, I don’t *hate* SP 🙂

    I just find the imbalances, especially the first round Mistress/Judge one, annoying. I actually quite like the system underneath the game. I just wish that it had gotten the extra round of playtesting it needed.

    I hope the expansion deals with the problems.

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