I have been playing at the play-by-web site Yucata.de recently. I played there about a year ago, but it has moved on significantly.

The list of games has grown and it seems more refined. It is still an amateur site, with a couple of strange user interface quirks, but it is very fast and easy to use.

The game selection work really well for PBW too. Short and sharp games like Pente and Saint Petersburg are typical. I have gone off playing heavy games like wargames online. Getting back into the game situation every turn takes so long I find it stressful. The games at Yucata are pitched perfectly for my current tastes. Super Duper Games is another site that has games at this level, but last time I played the site was very slow.

So far I have tried:

  • Capt’n W. Kidd – a game of fighting pirates maneuvering for position on a ship’s deck. You are trying to surround and crowd your opponents pawns, while moving along ropes. It has capture rules similar to Go. Not bad.
  • Just 4 FunGo-Moku/Renju but you can only play stones when you have the right total of number cards. Too luck-dependent.
  • Chinagold – Weird area control game. I did not really get to grips with it. I like abstracts with a little excitement and this has none.
  • Hey! That’s My Fish! – This is the best of the bunch so far. It reminds me of Amazons, but played on hexes and capturing variable points for each move. This would be a nice Christmas gift for an eight year old.

It is a very nice site. I have donated a few Euros. Please challenge me to a game. My user name is icheyne.

  • St. Petersburg on Yucata is a superb implementation. I think I’m up to about 30 games or more now (a lot for me). I hated every game you mentioned

  • Michael – have another look at That’s My Fish. I keep losing at it, which is normally a good sign. 😉

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