To my surprise I have become slightly addicted to “Warbook”:http://apps.facebook.com/warbook, a basic, but fun, Facebook-based massively multiplayer fantasy spreadsheet game (MMFSSG).

Like all these games, there is no real goal, but it is fun bashing others and being bashed. My Warbook name is *inicehyena*. If you want to play, please comment here and I’ll send you an invitation, getting me a referral bonus…


  1. Quit already? Seems your kingdom hasn’t progressed much lately. I’ve been going at it, I figured out attacking is pointless and have focused on exploring and building my army. People keep attacking me, I beat them up (or lose, which isn’t bad) and gain experience. That’s silly, but for some reason fairly addictive… At least it takes a lot less time than Travian.

  2. I am fickle! Warbook is OK, but I prefer things clearer and close-ended. I am still waiting for a really fulfilling browser-based game. It won’t be long until one shows up. I have been reading “Play This Thing”:http://playthisthing.com/ recently. I am confident something good will turn up there.

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