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My recent AVL post keeps getting registered as “updated” in Bloglines, but I have not made any changes. I made a support request to Bloglines, but they were not too helpful.

bq. We are aware that some users see that their subscriptions show new unread items, but when selecting the subscription, no new material is actually displayed.
Sometimes this is due to possible dynamic advertisements in the feed source changing, and sometimes it’s because a post has been ‘updated’ or corrected in some way, triggering a ‘new’ alert, but this isn’t always the case. We are working to track down the issue, and regret any inconvenience.
In the meantime, you may want to choose to edit your notification settings for the feed to ‘Ignore Updated Items.’ You can edit these settings by clicking the ‘Edit’ link above your subscription list, and then clicking the feed in question. Change the ‘Updated Items’ option to ‘Ignore’ from ‘Display as New’.

Until this is fixed, take the advice in the last paragraph. I am not sure if it is a WordPress or Bloglines problem.

Does anyone read this in a desktop feed reader? Can you see the same problem?

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  1. I use Bloglines and I had not noticed anything with your feeds. I already had all my feeds setup to ignore updated items. (Typically updates are as small as fixing typos, so I don’t need a notice every time that happens.)

  2. Thanks Jason. I haven’t worked out how to get all my feeds working like that. It would save me a lot of bother.

    I have Google Reader and “Liferea”: waiting to pounce when/if the post gets updated again.


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