Fighting the Machine

I have played a few “Free Computer Versions of Board and Card Games with Artificial Intelligence Computer Opponents”: recently.

I had most fun with “Zendo-san”: I bought “Zendo”: a while ago, but my “gang ran away screaming”:, so it was great to finally play, even if only against AI. It’s a complicated game, so read the rules first. It runs well on Linux under Wine, but a few random glitches occasionally came up.

I also tried:

* “Puerto Rico”:
“The PR Evolver”: Excel spreadsheet is amazing. It even makes me regret migrating to Linux.
* “Amazons”:
I “liked this a lot”: over PBW, so it was no suprise it was good against the computer too.
* “Quoridor”:
I enjoy blocking games like this and Amazons. Maybe it is something to do with being a natural defender at team ball sports?
* “Mancala”:
A lot more interesting than I thought it would be.
* “Pogo”:
The implementation was good, but the game itself is too close to “Nine Men’s Morris”:
* “Gobblet”:
Too much like Pogo.

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