The “In” Crowd

My brother and I played a little piecepack game called “The In Crowd”: yesterday. It won the “Group Projects”: piecepack games design competition.

The theme is of a playground popularity contest, and the mechanics remind me of “Quo Vadis”: The board is a pyramid of piecepack tiles. Each player takes two suits of coins representing kids. The cooler the kid, the higher the value of the coin and the more voting power the coin has. Kids (coins) vote other kids up the popularity pyramid.

It plays well enough, although I do not think I will play it again. It is quite strategic, but at 40 minutes it takes too long for what it is and Quo Vadis does the same job better. I think “Clark Rodeffer”:, the Group Projects judge, gave it bonus points as it can be converted into a four player game using two piecepack sets or the “4 Seasons Expansion”: One little annoyance is that the v1.0 rules do not explain what happens in the case of ties – everyone slinks away. It is a pity this could not be fixed before publication.

Although I sound negative about The “In” Crowd, it was an enjoyable experience and I would recommend at least trying it out. One unexpected pleasure from the piecepack is in just trying lots of games out. I never thought it would be so enjoyable to play a game and then discard it so quickly. My brother enjoyed himself and we will be doing more of this in future.