I cannot fully believe it, but I have had to change my blogging software again. I tried to upgrade to the latest version of MovableType, hoping to reduce comment spam, but the upgrade failed and broke my site. In disgust, I have moved on to WordPress, which is certainly much more user friendly and fast. The upgrade has been easy, but I have a few things to fix, in particular I use a text formatting plugin called Textile that has not transferred perfectly. Also, I am not happy with the site’s look and I will have to change my blogroll. Worst of all, my newsfeeds have changed address. If you run a games blog, *please* change your links and maybe post something in your site notifying people.

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  1. I wanted to just email this privately, but couldn’t find your email address anywhere on your site! After this site upgrade, I find I can no longer get my RSS Reader (Awasu 2.02) to accept your blog. Oddly enough, the “comments rss 2.0” version works fine, but the normal RSS link (wp-rss2.php) generates an error message. Email me and I’ll copy that to you.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I have done some investigation and I do not think I will be able to fix the RSS feed. I suggest you use the Atom feed instead or use a less strict rss reader like Bloglines. Bloglines is one of the only times I have found a web application superior to its offline counterparts.

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