Wizard Kings – Suprise Attack

On Tuesday night, we played the “Surprise Attack”:http://homepage.mac.com/c_farrell/WizardKings/SurpriseAttack.html scenario for “Wizard Kings”:http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/692 from “Chris Farrell’s Wizard Kings”:http://homepage.mac.com/c_farrell/WizardKings/ site. I played Undead attacking Elven defenders.

We had not played Wizard Kings for months, so were very rusty with the rules and the game went slowly, but we enjoyed ourselves a lot. Every time I play Wizard Kings, I appreciate it more. The game mechanics are very solid. Some might dislike the dice rolling, but I find it a refreshing change after playing so many €uro games. Apart from the skilful manoeuvring you have to do to win a battle, I like how you have to think constantly about reinforcements from captured cities. I also enjoy how you are forced to adopt a strategy and stick to it.

This excellently designed and tested scenario requires the attacker to choose between throwing himself into the easily reinforced but more defended southern map or attacking the softer but more remote southern map. He has to take full advantage of his early numerical superiority and concentrated forces, or he is doomed – as I was. I learnt a lot about wargame tactics in this game and definitely want to play it again. I do not think I will play the comparatively very limited basic scenario of Wizard Kings again. It is such a pity Columbia did not include more scenarios in the basic rules.