Mass Murder

My friend Julian and I love “Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective”: and “West End Adventures”: so much that we decided to buy the full family of “Sleuth”: games (except the “Jack the Ripper”: chase game) between us. They are all out of print, but they are still available from “Chessex”: if you email them directly. We have bought:

* “Adventures by Gaslight”: $18.00
* “The Queen’s Park Affair”: $18.00
* “The Mansion Murders”: $18.00

Including surface mail, that comes to £37.

We also bought “Gumshoe”: over eBay for £12.50, including postage. It looks superb. There are maps of San Fransisco, newspaper clippings, autopsy reports, fingerprint records, mugshots etc etc.

These games are great, they are reasonably priced and we don’t want them to go out of stock and have to hunt for them all on eBay.