Changed stylesheet

I accidentally discovered that this blog looked awful in IE. I don’t know what happened to the stylesheet, or when. Please let me know in future if this blog looks weird. I’m a “Firefox”: user and I get lazy about cross-browser testing.

“Movable Style”: helped me out nicely. I opted for the Modern Lines style, but Plain Blue is tempting.

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  1. Quite neat, I like this look. Johanna complimented me on my blog layout (Pelimerkinnät), but hey, that too is from Movable Style. It certainly is pretty useful website.

  2. Glad you like it. I’m worried the text is too difficult to read, but we’ll see.

    Pelimerkinnät looks good. Pity I can’t read it. ;o)

  3. These latest changes cause the third column to seriously overlap the second column in my browser (IE 5.5).

  4. Sorry Dave. I had a look on the web and there doesn’t seem to be any quick fix for your IE5.5 problem. Apparently IE5.5 is not too good with some Cascading Style Sheets.
    How about changing to Firefox? :o) You might be pleasantly surprised. They have got a no-install version if you do not have admin rights on your PC.

  5. Nah, I’ll just have to read it at home, in Safari. 🙂

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