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I have finally given up and subscribed to a $10/year “whitelist spam filter”:www.mailblocks.com. A sad day. Someone *has* to cure the spam problem, or email will be ruined. Probably only Micro$oft have the clout to do it.

I _just_ got my blog comment spam as well. Hopefully “TypeKey”:www.typekey.com will fix it.

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  1. Mailblocks looks interesting, but I think I’ll manage with POPFile doing the filtering for me. I do get tons of spam: since last August, I’ve received about 50,000 messages, around 32,000 of them being spam. Another 14,000 is non-personal bulk and only about 4,000 messages are real, personal e-mail. A good solution to spam would be welcome.

    I’ve been using MT-Blacklist to prevent comment spam. It’s a keyword system, so it’s far from perfect. I’ve received several spam comments since, but it has prevented porn spam, which I find most offensive. I’m fine with random commercial spam masquerading as friendly comments, but offensive porn spam (especially stuff like rape porn) is a terrible pest and MT-Blacklist does a good job preventing that.

  2. That’s an **epic** amount of email.

    Thanks very much for the MT-Blacklist advice. I’ll install it.

    There are some nasty people out there.


  3. It should eliminate the porn spam. Even if it doesn’t, it makes removing the spam comments easier. Just click the link in the end of the spam comment (if you have comments e-mailed to you).

    I got something like six-seven spam comments last night, most advertised home pages at freewebxxxx.org – make sure it’s on your blacklist (ok, it is – your MT-Blacklist didn’t allow me to type it out loud). Those were curious, too, because I checked one and there was no buying or selling involved. Strange! It must be automated, though, because I got several which had exactly the same format and they all were posted to really old entries. Bizarre, but you can’t expect much from spammers, I suppose…

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