Wizard Kings

“Wizard Kings”:http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/692 arrived in the post last week and was delayed in the post office for over a week and I had to pay an extra £8 in tax, because it came from outside the European Union and it cost over £18. This was very annoying as I cannot easily get to the post office during the week and it was hardly one of Ness’ top priorities on top of looking after Oscar. It also makes an expensive game _almost_ too expensive.

It’s a pity that Columbia only ship from their own website. It would save European customers money and time if they could make a good deal with a European distributor.

Anyway, we played it last night and it was worth a wait. The rules are simple and elegant. It almost feels like an video game like Myth or Warcraft. In fact some of the “multiplayer battle types in Myth”:http://www.gamespot.com/features/myth2_gg/multi6.html could be ported into interesting Wizard Kings scenarios.

We only had time to get a feel for the game and half-play the first scenario. I’m looking forward to exporing this further.