New start

I finally gave up with Blosxom. For no apparent reason, my old blog stopped working completely. It was just too much trouble to install and maintain. I could not get any nice extras like trackback to work, even getting comments going was an Odyssey.

I am trying to get my old site back online. A nice bloke from the Blosxom mailing list is having a look. I do not hold out much hope, but it would be nice to have my old posts available.

I toyed with trying WordPress, but MovableType is used so ubiquitously, I believe that when I run into any problems, I will be more likely to find a solution. Plus WordPress does not support Textile yet. WordPress does have a lot of nice extras though. Installation is easy, it’s free like MT, it produces valid code and it’s generally more user-friendly.

Unfortunately, when it comes to software, and free software especially, there is safety in numbers.

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  1. I’ve tried WordPress too, but I think Movable Type is superior. Movable Type just seems to be much more pleasant to use. Of course, the test was biased, because when I tried WordPress, I already had over a year of MT experience…

  2. Only today I noticed the blog software (and therefor the address of the feed) changed. I wish bloglines had a clear notifier for feeds that don’t work properly anymore.

    Anyway, it looks good! MT seems to be used a lot. If you want some choice: Pivot is excellent as well. It’s not wide spread in the board game blogging community, but it’s used a lot elsewhere. I’ve been working with Pivot now for more than 6 months, and it works like a charm. It’s easy to install, it has decent documentation, the support is excellent, and updates are easy to make. And it’s easy to use.

  3. Hello there. Thanks for the note.

    I agree that the little red [!] mark in Bloglines is not enough. The feeds should be marked in the side menu.

    I was pretty annoyed after Bloxsom broke, so I deliberately looked around for blogging software that would have a big user community, so that I would not have to rely on part-time programmers. “This page”, led me to settle on MT or WordPress (which is the latest version of b2).

    Your Pivot site does look good though. {:)}

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