Musings, Ramblings, and Things Left Unsaid

While playing around with “Trackback”: and “Technorati”:, (MovableType is *superb*) I found I was linked to from quite an interesting blog, “Musings, Ramblings, and Things Left Unsaid”:

Fred mostly writes about books and games, particularly big, heavy ones like “Roads and Boats”: and “The Peloponnesian War”:

I would love to play some monster games.. “American Megafauna”: looks particularly excellent, but games are a _totally_ a social thing for me, and I can’t imagine how I could fit this into my schedule or persuade anyone to play it with me.


  1. Thanks for the kind words! American Megafauna is a neat game, but it’s a long one indeed. When I lived in Austin, I was lucky enough to belong to a game club that typically played only long games (on the weekends only, of course), and so I got to play these beasties against Actual Live Human Beings…

    Keep up the good work, and thanks again!

  2. I’d love to join a club like that, but my weekends normally belong to my wife and son. I used up a lot of favours for last weekend’s gaming…

    Thanks to you too. You’re in my “blogroll”

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  4. Fred’s blog seems to have moved or shut down. Any idea what happened to it?

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