I heard about an interesting site yesterday on “rec.games.playing-cards”:http://snipurl.com/hanafuda, all about Japanese traditional “Hanafuda”:http://hana.kirisame.org cards and the games that can be played with them. ([“Mikko also mentions them.”:http://www.melankolia.net/gameblog/archives/000230.html])

The website and the cards look great. Unfortunately they are pretty expensive at [“£15 plus postage for a pack”:http://www.playingcardsales.co.uk/cards/framehdg.asp?cat=SRP&nav=1&hdg=JP*]. I am also wary of traditional card games. Just because a game has been played for a long time by many people does “not”:http://www.pagat.com/adders/cribbage.html mean it’s good.

On the other hand, I think I’ll find it easy to persuade my wife to play Hanafuda games with me. She did a Japanese degree, lived in Tokyo for a year and loves Japanese things in general (is there a word for that, like Francophile?).


  1. You’d have thought that I would have discovered how to use Google *by now*.
    I also had Nippophile mentioned to me, but I think Japanophile is the accepted phrase, judging by Google mentions – even though it’s not listed at Onelook.com.

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