For Sale, Through the Desert, David and Goliath

We had five at my house last Wednesday. We thought we’d stick to simple/already played games, rather than try to teach anything new.

“For Sale”:
Four of us played this while we waited for a latecomer. This was our first play of this featherweight filler. I made my own DIY copy, as it’s so expensive on eBay. We played the variant where the lowest bidder withdraws their entire bid – as I read on the Geek that this reduces the problem of players constantly equalling the bid of the first bidder. We only played one game, but the guys liked this first impression. It is so simple and short that it is hard to dislike. I suspect there is a subtle optimal strategy I am missing. If it continues to be enjoyable, I’ll buy a reprint.

“Through the Desert”:
We all enjoyed this classic from Knizia. It is not discussed too often these days on Spielfrieks or, but that is only because it is older and relatively unambiguous and simple. Apparently when Knizia was pushed about which was his favourite creation he mentioned this one. I am not surprised.

“David and Goliath”:
We finished with a three-handed game. I am not sure about this one. It is simple and fun, but I am not sure there is much skill involved. I think the optimal strategy is (1) hope you get low cards, (2) get rid of your high cards early, so that you can plan your final winnings as much as possible. All played cards are exposed, so it is not as if card counting matters. Maybe someone can give me an insight? At least our almost invincible regular Bridge player came last, so I was glad of the lack of skill required.