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Galactic Emperor

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Another good night with the friendly Isleworth Gamers.

Galactic Emperor

Galactic Emperor six player game

In a nutshell – Puerto Rico in space with fighting. Twilight Imperium was one of the worst gaming experiences of my life. Galactic Emperor uses the same theme and basic structure but strips out the ridiculous play time. At one point I worried it would run on too long, but it finished quite suddenly. There was plenty of table talk and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
7/10 but will probably rise.



I have been meaning to get hold of Money for years. The new version has top quality linen-finish cards and the artwork is good. The simple rules, simultaneous bidding and short duration all make this feel similar to For Sale.

Game 1:
Scott – 650
Iain – 460
Steph – 290
Maynard – 60

Game 2:
Maynard – 530
Scott – 520
Philip – 510
Iain – 440
Vicky – 140

Written by Iain

April 15th, 2010 at 12:35 pm